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Welcome to Sound of Thunder, an Everquest Guild on the Bristlebane Server
We are a group of long time EQ players that love to raid and have fun. This isn't a job, its a game and we will do our best to work together, help each other and have fun while we do it. If you feel that describes you, then you should consider being a part of the team! Our goal is to raid end game content while it is current and help each member as we do it.
Saturday, March 7, 2020
Sound of Thunder Launch (Everquest)
Our website, forums and DKP are now mostly complete. Each area has been populated with needed information and we are recruiting all classes with the goal to be raiding as soon as possible.

Please contact Raynrace, Auriliuss or Saraih in game on the Bristlebane server if you are interested in our guild.

We will be primarily using Teamspeak for voice chat with Discord as a back up.

We will have this site and a Facebook community for interaction outside of the game.

All new registered accounts will have to be approved by an administrator after you confirm it through email.
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